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Don't you want your resume to capture the attention of your employer? Consider going for Our team has Doha's certified writers, editors and proofreaders who have a knack for kicking out any inconsistency in your document. But, if you are unsure that you should or shouldn't invest in our services, you can send us the document, and we'll evaluate it for free. We'll review the following aspects:

Strict Language-Check

One thing that makes most of the resumes land in the 'rejected' pile is that they're full of flaws. The resume analysts here use their sharp eyes to detect grammatical errors that might have a bad impact on the hiring manager. The grammar, spelling, choice of words and other language-related aspects are checked to ensure they are perfect.

Keyword Optimization

You might have written an outstanding resume, but it's destined to get dumped if it doesn't have keywords incorporated in it. While reviewing the resumes, we make sure that the relevant keywords are added to the document so it is optimized for the ATS. Once the document is ATS-optimized, nothing can stop it from landing on the HR table.

Format Evaluation

The way you present your resume makes a vital difference. Unprofessional fonts, too many colours, non-organized sections and irrelevant details drain hiring chances to zero. Hence, we evaluate the format to ensure it meets the standards. And just in case the format is flawed, we recommend the necessary changes for an improved layout.

Resume Relevancy

Every vacancy comes with a certain set of requirements. If the recruiter is looking for a professional auditor, then mentioning your cooking hobby won't make sense. Therefore, it is important to keep your document as relevant as you can. We gauge the document to see if it goes along with the requirements of the vacancy or not.

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